I dropped some scans of the Presidential cards from the recent release of Americana, here are some more great Americans!

The set splits out into what I would consider 4 basic groups,
-Tuskegee Airmen

Lets start with the group I personally find least impressive. The Athletes.

I am not saying great American athletes are not impressive but playing a sports does not compare to leading a nation, help preserve freedom of helping humanity slip it’s surly bonds of earth.

The athletes in the set are all folks that have represented the USA. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is an homage to Mojo, he had cat thing going on!

I just love this photo, he looks like the greatest leap frog player of all time.

This card is awesome. Sure he was a dick at first but when Cru Jones beat him on Hell Track he redeemed himself bu offering a hand shake showing the underdog some respect respect.

My two autos were alos athletes.
a great action shot.

Billy has a nice signature.

The Heroes of WWII come next.

Panini choose to pay tribute to the Tuskegee airmen. Famously many of these men formed the 332nd fighter group. Flying Thunderbolts and Mustangs they were one of the most effective units in the war. I don’t have specifics but I believe they never lost a bomber and members of the group used prop planes to shoot down the first German jet planes.

They didn’t just prove the racists wrong, they completely blew them away.

This is my favorite
The dude just looks like a bad-ass fighter pilot! He can be my wing man any day!

Eugene never saw combat in the war but distinguished himself after the war by earning an Ed.D and a successful career as and educator.

Hereb Carter flew 77 combat mission in north Africa and Europe. He also pursued a career as an educator.

If you haven’t look around on line and learn a little more about these men, also take a look at the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, a group of Japanese Americans that fought in WW2. The regiment had 21 medal of Honor recipients!

My favorite group are the astronauts, in particular the female astronauts.

I love this card.
that haidro is amazing, you can set your watch by it.

I like the inclusion of this guy a lot.
It represents all the support members on the ground that make the flights happen. The technicians and countless engineers that are the true heroes of the space program. I know Spankee would agree.

Sally ride wil be remembered for two things:
-She was the first American woman in space
-She is in the Billy Joel sing We Didn’t Start the Fire.

She tragically died of cancer this past summer.

Colonel Collins is the first female Shuttle Commander. She is also from the same area of Upstate as my wife and went to the same college as my wife.

The final is one of my favorite astronauts.
Barbara Morgan was the runner up to Christa McAuliffe for a spot on the ill fated challenger.

Barbara didn’t give up her dream and persevered finally serving as a mission specialist for STS-118.

Some great cards, well worth picking up a blaster or a wax box!



2 responses to “USA, USA, USA…

  1. Sure beats cards of Lorna Luft and Vicki Lawrence etc. (no offense to them).

  2. You are correct sir. It is an honor and privelege to be a part of something so amazing. That Kranz card is a great tribute.

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