The worst card…EVER…

From time to time blogs and message boards or even beckett will run a piece on the worst cards ever. They are a good read, it’s fun to look at some crappy cards and get a good laugh. The problem is they always get it wrong.

You may say that it’s a matter of personal opinion, that ugly is relevant. Normally I would agree but not in this case.

There is a clear winner for worst card all time, and here it is…


See, no question. This card blows!

It’s a crappy ultra pro card from the ’90s. Even the best of that bunch was terrible.

Why is holding skies? Sure he played in Minny, and it’s cold, but there are no mountains or big ski resorts. If he was gonna rep Minny with skies they should be cross country skis.

While we are on the skis I will point out two things.
-They look too short for him
-They apear to have something that looks hand written on the side of the binding that leads me to believe those are rental skis.

The background is terrible, it’s not just a bland blue, it’s the blandest blue.

Scott looks somewhere between bored and angry, can’t say I blame him

and finally

That sweater, dear god that sweater!

You know how somethings can be so bad that they’re good? Well this goes from so bad to good and keeps going back to bad again.

So that discusion is put to rest, he have the definitive terrible card.



2 responses to “The worst card…EVER…

  1. the skiing is not too bad up at lutsen, but it’s no tahoe or colorado – that’s true. at least erickson has better taste in women than in sweaters.

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