A look into the future…

Topps has been dropping scans of 2013 sets. I put up some scans of 2013 regular Topps, or as some would call it “flagship” a few weeks ago. The overall sentiment seemed to be positive.

We also got some scans of Gypsy Queen. I will spare you the base because they all kind of look the same, just like Ginter.

Here are two subsets I want to bring up for discussion.

The first I like.
I like the colors, I like the design and I like the theme and topic.

A nice set celebrating no-hitters is cool. I hope it’s done as a set that just brings up the no-nos from this past season. One thing Topps and the other companies need to get back to are ultra short SPs that aren’t just dudes in their new uniforms.

Panini has been doing more of these non-auto and relic short prints like we got in Hoops. Topps did it with Arnold, Obama throwing out the first pitch, and the SP WBC cards in 2008. I hope the trend continues.

So the no-no set gets a big thumbs-up.

Now a thumbs-down.
The problem with this card can be boiled down to one word…RED.

That is way too much red.

I like the design and the theme just fine, but it’s very jarring.

As my 2 year old might say, No like!



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