Well done boys…

So the Nats won the NL east tonight. Pretty exciting.

They have a really nice team. A team built around, well, team work. They have big names but no one huge superstar. They have solid pitching, put some run on the board and have a solid skipper that knows how to get it done.

I am a fan of many of their players, especially this guy.
Zimmerman was their first real star, so living in DC for several years I couldn’t help but root for the guy, plus he is a Hoo!

I have also been a fan of this due for a while.
Kurt always seemed like a good dude and has had a solid stretch with the Nats so far.

This guy really surprised me.
I was sure he would be a primadonna in the vein of Arod but he has turned out to be far more Jeter, a guy that just shows up to work and helps his team win. He seems to have his act together and I hope he can help lead the Nats to a title.

With my Twinkies in the @#$% house I will put my fandom behind the Nat and wish them the best. I kinda wish I was till living in DC, I bet it will be a lot of fun up there!



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