Immaculate Inception…

A few weeks ago I decided to send a little paypal cash. I picked up a box of 2012 Topps chrome and a box of 2012 Inception.

I am not sure why, it’s not a set I have even been a fan of, I don’t really like they way they look. I was in the middle of a pretty sweet rookie auto run so my judgement was a little cloudy.

Anyway here is what I got.




I still say these look like velvet Elvises. The card stock is thick and stout. They are nice cards just not my favorte. They are really prone to chipping.

This guy is a gold version numbered to 123.

The Hits
Isiah Pead to 25. I like the giant swatch.

Pead is one of those guys you pull all the time, too bad he isn’t all that good.

This is a Rams hot box.
I hope Chris givens turns out to be a star, I have a ton of his cards and from watching breaks online so do a lot of other collectors!

These cards are decent enough and on card autos.

The final hit was pretty cool.
I like the blue background, I love the patch and it’s a Giant so that’s cool.

I paid less than a Benny so all and all a nice stack of higher end cards. I didn’t pull anyone huge but so it goes.

If I had it to do over again I would have kicked in a few more bucks and picked up a Finest box instead.



6 responses to “Immaculate Inception…

  1. Are the Davis and Bush for trade, they would fit nicely in my USC collection.

  2. What can I send you in return?

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