In the AL I think it has to be Miguel Cabrera. I mean the dude is on the verge of a Triple Crown.

Trout had a great year…
…but this year belongs to Cabrera.

In the NL I say it has to be this dude.
He will most likely pick up a batting title with 20+ homers and 100 RBIs. Giant numbers, especially for a catcher. Those are 2009 Mauer numbers!

Add the fact he helped his team run away with their division and it seems like an easy choice.

Andrew McCutchen could have been in the discusion but he and the Bucs kinda fell appart at the end.

Braun had a decent season as well but I can’t see the writers giving him many votes after last years ordeal.

I sure hope Buster can hold on to the batting title and picks up an MVP, and not just because I have this in my collection.

It doesn’t hurt though.



One response to “MVP?

  1. I love the Posey auto, always jealous when you show it.

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