What an end to the season!

I love when it comes down to the final day!

I am also excited/relieved to see a Triple Crown in my lifetime. Miguel Cabrera joins some pretty sweet company.

yazcrown final

frankcrown final


tedcrown final

joecrown final

The last guy is Joe Medwick for those that don’t know.

I sure hope Miggy gets an actual crown. If so i am sure it will show up on a few cards next year.

I looked but couldn’t find a picture of Ted Williams actually wearing a crown, for either of his two triple crowns. I can just imagine someone tried to put one on his head and it didn’t go well. “Get that goddamn thing of my head! What am I a fool!”

I must admit I keep thinking Babe ruth won a triple crown because of this picture.
This is from when he was dubbed “King of Swat”. A crown but not THE crown.

Way to Miguel, pretty bad ass!



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