I am kinda nervous…

I can’t wait until tonight, or more correctly until tonight is over.

I have my fingers crossed that we will get the first triple crown winner in 45 years!

I actually have a flutter in my stomach about it, I really want it to happen.

I am a little bummed though. Ya see I have never really thought much about the guy doing the chasing. I have no issue with him or anything, I don’t dislike him or his team for that matter. But I’ve had this weird indifference to him for a while. Almost agrresivly indifferent. As a resault I have very few of his cards.

I did find these in my binders last night.


I am pretty sure I have another one of his A&G jersey cards somewhere.

The thing that bums me out is I don’t have a single one of his rookie cards.

Typically I try and pick up a rookie or two of all the bigger names out there. For some reason I just never cared to get any of his and forget trying to get one now. Ya win some ya lose some.

I bet the reason he is in this sittuation is because I don’t have any of his rookies. I am sure if I did he would have slumped down the stretch.

Well I will be up tonight watching mlb.com, ESPN and the MLB network looking at updates.

God I hope it happens!



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