I humbly disagree…

This is for Dennis
Miguel won the crown!

The A’s came from behind, pretty cool, but teams come form behind all the time. The Yanks beat the dog $#!* out of the Red Sox, that happens form time to time as well.

It’s been 45 years since we had a Triple Crown, 45 years!!!

That is almost a decade before I was even born!


Last night Harold Reynolds said it will never happen again. A sentiment shared by many people. I am not one of them.

The argument against another crown is that the game has become too specialized. You have guys that hit for average, guys for power etc…

This is true in some cases. Guys like Mauer for instance. He may knock one out every now and then but his guy that hits for average. You also have the bulk of the Os lineup. They knock out tons of homeruns but strike out every other at bat.

But then you have an increasing number of guys that can hot for average and power. I would say we have as many of these hybrid hitters as there were back in the ’50s and ’60s. The last time we saw guys winning the crown.

I am going to predict someone else wins the crown in the next 5 years.

When I was a kid you had very few guys that hit for average and power. Mattingly comes to mind but he rarely led the league in either.

Today we have a decent line up of dudes that fit that bill.

guys like…
Pujols has been up there in all three categories for years. We could easily get hot and make a run. With Trout and Trumbo hitting in the same lineup he has the protection needed to get his numbers up there. At various times in his career he has led the league in each of the three categories.

If he can stay healthy it is well within his reach. He has flirted with it before. He and Pujols are getting older so the window is closing, but it aint closed yet.

This guy was my pick for the next guy to do it. Like Hamilton if he stays healthy he has the goods. He was within site of it last season.

This guy is a tough pick
The steroid thing hangs heavy over him. That aside he also has the skill set to lead in all three.

This is a Johnny come lately pick.
It’s very early but so far he is moving in the right direction.

Man am I glad I have this card by the way! Refractor nonetheless.

These guys are a bit of a stretch but still in that well-rounded category.


Can you imagine if Cano does it! Hate them or not it’s always bigger when a Yankee does it!

Arod would have been there but he is too old now.

Part of this is cardboard hope. I don’t have a single Miggy rookie but all the cards above are in my collection. I have a vested interest in this coming true.



3 responses to “I humbly disagree…

  1. Haha, great post! I can’t believe Harold Reynolds said that, though–of course this can happen again, but it really is something that takes just the right circumstances. Have you compared Cabrera’s Triple Crown numbers to Yaz’s? They’re almost identical! If Cano was to pull it off, although I hate the Yankees, I’d have to respect it because for a 2B to do it would be incredible.

  2. I have my doubts about Cano doing it, although, he might do 40/40 someday. Trout has the greatest upside potential of the group

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