Allow me to get on my soapbox for a minute.

Last night was the first of a series of Presidential Debates. This morning half the pundits are declaring Obama the winner, then pundits on the other side declare Romney the winner.

I know I am very happy with my take on the event. See last night I made the decision to skip the debate and watch the Yankees game. I think it was the right choice for both my mind and soul.

The debates and politics in general drive me nuts with their over simplification of the issues.

Funding of the arts is a very important piece of our society. Expansion of the mind and creativity go hand in hand with advancement of technology, the economy, medicine, etc…

Last night that very important and complex topic was reduced to, “I like Big Bird.”

The topic can’t be a simple lets cut funding or don’t cut funding. No real issues are black and white. But that’s all we get, it’s either pro this or anti that.

It’s truly a disservice to us all.

Now the Yankees buttkicking of the Red Sox was as black and white as it gets!

OK, back to cards now.



2 responses to “Politics…

  1. I can’t help but say you made the right decision. Still, I’m incredibly annoyed with the way the media has largely ignored Cabrera’s triple crown. Someone wrote a column arguing that if Jeter had the same stats this year, nobody would even be mentioning Trout in the MVP race. That’s taking it a bit too far, but all the same, there’s some unfair forces at work against Miguel right now.

    • I agree. The As taking the AL east got a higher spot on Fox Sports. A come from behind is exciting but happens all the time. The Triple Crown is very very rare.

      I will continue to make a big deal out of it here. I am so excited about it!

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