A wild wildcard…

Today should prove interesting.

We have two one game playoffs, losers go home. Something the Twins fans know a lot about.

I like one and done games, they are very exciting. My wife and I may get a sitter so we can focus on baseball. What a fun end to a season!

So at 5:00 we get ATL

versus St. Louis.

I have no dog in this fight, nor do I know enough about either team to offer and informed opinion. I think I will go with Atlanta, just because of the Chipper Jones angle.

At 8:30 we get the AL showdown.


versus Texas

Here I am 100% in the O’s camp.

I have no real beef with Texas, in fact I am a fan of what Nolan Ryan has done, but for some reason I find myself kind of annoyed by them lately. Maybe it was the fact they let the A’s catch them. Maybe it’s because I don’t get why Yu Darvish’s cards are so valuable. I just don’t know. Actually I think it’s the red batting helmets.

With the O’s it’s an easy pick. They are an AL east team that isn’t the Yanks or Red Sox and that is refreshing. They are also a very exciting team with lots of young talent and the potential to make any game a mini homerun derby. The O’s have the 2nd most homeruns of any team in baseball.

I also have a mess of rookies and autos of many of their players so their success helps out the old collection.

No matter the outcome it will be fun!



One response to “A wild wildcard…

  1. I’m for the Braves, because I can’t stand the Cardinals, and the Orioles, because I kinda like them a little bit. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the cartoon bird. I just love that logo.

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