This blows…

The MLB playoffs are looking to be sweet. The Vikes are actually playing well. Basket Ball starts in a few weeks. All these great sports things and I am still bummed out. The NHL is messing around again and screwing it all up!

Like all lockouts and strikes I side with the players 100%. You may say they are millionaires and should be happy to just play the game. The thing is the other side is the owners, and they are billionaires. I can’t side with a billionaire over a millionaire, won’t do it.

Hockey is the only sport that I like college more than pros so at least I still have the Bulldogs. But I was really looking forward to this season for 2 main reasons.
-Justin Faulk
-The Wild picking up Parise and Suter

I have never really followed the Wild all that closely. I have spent more time cheering for the Caps when I wa sin Dc than the Wild but it is still a Minny team. They may actually have a decent year. Well they may have if the owners hadn’t killed it.

The main reason I was excited for the season was my boy JF.

Faulk helped bring UMD our first national title. A huge deal!

He went on to the ‘canes and has been tearing it up on D. He had a solid rookies season and I think he will be one of the top defensemen in the league.

I picked up a handful of his autos and they are some of my favorite cards.


I need to land one of his higher end cards, anyone have one for trade?



3 responses to “This blows…

  1. I’m totally on the other side – I tend to side with the owners. It’s not that the players should be happy to get paid to play a game. It’s just my view on the economics of it – the owners are businessmen trying to make as much profit as possible, like any other business in America.

    This isn’t always true – I actually tend to side with the unions on NFL labor issues. It’s just hard to buy the NFL’s side when they make money hand over foot. The other 3 sports, I buy alot of the owners’ side – they are not nearly as profitable as the Shield. People say “well, the NBA (or MLB, or NHL) owners should stop giving bad contracts out to players’ that aren’t worth it”. That’s a crap argument to me. Those contracts happen because of the system that exists, and the NBA locked the players out last year because they needed to amend that system.

    I guess I’m just kind of anti-union in general. I feel like the time when they were needed has passed. How long did the MLBPA stonewall Selig’s attempts to implement better drug testing. Most of the union’s own members wanted it, yet somehow the PA pushed back. Same with flopping in the NBA. Most players want it out of the game, yet the union is filing a grievance against it. Makes no sense.

    • Valid points, ya see I am doing what I said I hate in a previous post and over simplifying a complex issue.

      Truth is I just want to watch sports and don’t like getting involved in the behind the scenes stuff.

      • True – I think that’s what we all want. I’m not quite as well versed on the hockey situation, but I did feel like the owners were in the right during the 04-05 season. Which kind of makes me feel like the players are more right now…

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