A closer look…

I was sorting my 2012 Update cards and noticed a little something on one of the cards, actually a few somethings.

The card is #215 Brian Bogusevic.
Lets take a closer look.

First I will draw your attention to the woman to the left of Brian. More importantly what she is holding.

Let me help you out.
Who brings a dog to the ballpark? I will alos point out the dog has on a shirt.

Ya know what, after a closer look I think that might be a baby ewok.

Ok, now take a look to the right side of Brian.

I will zoom in for you.
A lady hiding behind her giant purse. Not as weird as the dog but pretty funny looking.

Finally look right behind Brian.

A wonderfully half assed attempt at making a catch. At least he isn’t trying to interfere with the play it’s more of a “if he misses it maybe it will land in my hand”.

I do applaud him on his drink choice.
A Budlight lime. I am sure it is nice and refreshing on a hot Houston night.

That is an awful lot for just one card! You really get your moneys worth with card #215!



4 responses to “A closer look…

  1. The Diamondbacks have a couple games a year where people can bring their dogs to the game, they are called “Bark in the Park” games. They donate a portion of each ticket sold to the Arizona Humane Society.

  2. Dammit…you beat me to this post. I specifically picked this card out of my first pack to write about. You win.

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  4. The White Sox do a couple of dogs at the park kind of deals as well. Our local minor league does too.

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