Drastic times…

I am by no means an alarmist. I tend to remain pretty calm in most situations. I like to get all the info before flying of the handle.

There is one area though where my typical stoic demeanor takes a break. That areas is my Minnesota Twins fandom.

After two season in the cellar it’s time for major change. What they have been doing is not working!

To take a step back a little further even when they were winning their division they never got past the first round. The Twins of the mid and late ’00s remind me a little too much of the Vikings of the late ’90s and early ’00s. teams that could dominate the regular season and then fizzle in the playoffs.

For the Vikes I blamed Denis green for the Twins I hate to say it but I blame this guy.
No, not Eddie Veder the other guy!

I love Gardy, I really do but it aint working and Terry Ryan needs to take make big changes.

He needs to send a message to the players and the fans that losing will not be tolerated.

Ryan built the teams that killed it a few years ago. Gardy was the one that couldn’t push them through. The current lack of depth and pitching I blame on Ryan’s replacement. Twins ownership fixed that by brining Ryan back. He needs to fix the other issue.

They need to act quick because another AL club is going after who the Twins should be going after, Terry Francona.



One response to “Drastic times…

  1. I don’t know, man, I wouldn’t be so quick to give Eddie Vedder a pass on this…

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