I was out and about with the family, picking up some storage bins for the attic and I happened upon a blaster of 2012 Topps Update.

Update is one of my favorite products of the year, right up there with Bowman Draft and Panini EEE.

The big draw is Bryce Harper, I didn’t pull any of his cards but did get this nice little rookie.
I have been in the Yasmani Grandal camp since he was drafted 1st round by the Reds two years ago.

Grandal was a mid season call up and had a very nice run. He hit .297 with 8 homers and 36 RBIs in just 60 games. Pretty f-ing good if you ask me.

I also found one of the All Star game SPs
I like these. They don’t seem overly rare but rare enough to add some nice value to the product.

The little bonus patch in the blasters are Blockbuster cards. A subset I have mixed feelings on.
I like the concept a lot. A set of big time trades and signings is cool. The issue I have is I am not a fan of the design. It’s too blah. I think it’s the color choice.

I just realized the Seaver card says “hat logo”. If it was a hat logo shouldn’t the colors be flipped? Just a thought.

My blaster wet my appetite so a hobby box is in my future.



One response to “Update…

  1. I’ve always been a fan of the patch card throw in on the Topps blasters. I actually really like the design and the fact that they are doing hat patches instead of some of the busier stuff, like All-Star and World Series patches, that they’ve done in the past. Next time I’m at Target I’ll have to grab a box.

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