At least one of my teams is winning…

I had pretty much written of the Vikes before the seasons even began.

I thought Jared Allen and Percy Harvin would have good years and they are both doing OK.

Percy and the rest of special teams is on fire! Percy returned a kick for over 100 yards and a score. Add a punt return and mess of 50+ field goals and you are in good shape!

Jared is doing OK
He isn’t on track to beat the single season sack record as I predicted but is doing fine.

The D is doing well, it is currently number 6 in the league in points allowed and tied for 8th in sacks.

Offense has been much better than expected.

AP lit it up for over 100 yards last week, and seems to be back to his old self.

The real surprise has been the QB.
The sophomore has looked good. He has been heads up and not made many mistakes. He has showed poise and maturity.

The biggest thing is he is the only starting QB so far this season without a pick!

It’s nice when a QB can win it for you, and equally as nice when they don’t lose it for you either!

With all three piece, offense, defense and special teams stepping up when needed and really pulling together as a unit I am feeling pretty good.

Lets see how they do against the titans this afternoon. I am going to say they win 24 to 10.



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