Now that is what I am talking about…

The Vikes are 4-1 after beating the ever loving dog-$#!* out of the Titans!

To make it even sweeter the Packers drop to 2-3 after losing to the post-Peyton Colts.

You may say the Vikings win is not all that because they beat a crappy team. True but they destroyed that crappy team!

For the first three quarters they dominated, holding the ball roughly 10 minutes more than the Titans. They also held them to just over 100 yards total offense through most of the game.

Percy Harvin was the MVP of the day.
He had 108 yards receiving and a TD, plus 8 rushing including another score. Not too bad!

Another standout was this dude.
The rookie kicker is tearing it up and he doesn’t even have a card. I hope one of the companies puts him in an upcoming release.

He is on fire with multiple 50 yards field-goals. Granted on a few of the drives it would have bene preferable for his services to not be needed, but points is points, right?

Ponder finally gave up a pick, 2 in fact.
He played well and is proving himself to be a legit QB.

In the parity era a team like the 2012 Vikes could do some real damage. I am not going to say they are a Super bowl team, but no one would have said that about the Giants last your either.



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