It’s pretty easy being Green…

Basketball fans are easily the craziest of the cardboard crew.

Need Proof, let me pressent exhibit A.

Precious Metal Gems, or PMG if you’re nasty.

When these hit the scene back in the late ’90s they went nuts.
I love that picture of Kobe. If the card didn’t cost more than my car I may even try and pick one up.

They kinda hung back for a while and then resurfaced with some record breaking sales over the last few years.
This jordan sold for 14k.

Panini released green parallels numbered to 5 in Totally Certified and the big names were selling for 4 figures. While they weren’t straight up PMG but showed how hungry fans were.

Upper Deck brought back PMG a few weeks ago in Retro. The green version numbered to 10 are out of control. The Jordans are out of this world. A green hasn’t yet sold but his blue versions to 50 have touched 6 figures. A few green have been listed.

Check out this one currently on ebay.

Over 20 grand with 5 days to go. It’s Nuts!

I say nuts not in judgement but in amazement.

This has to be one of the highest selling basketball cards all time.



3 responses to “It’s pretty easy being Green…

  1. I think it is nuts. For the same price you could get ten of these:
    I guess it’s all about how much money you have to spend on collectibles.

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