Tebow, Tebow, Tebow…

Dear lord, please let Tebow take over at QB tonight for the Jets.

I am so happy right now. There is nothing funnier in all of sports than the NY Jets!
They are hysterically woeful!

The entire Sanchez Tebow thing is amazing. It’s like they set out to destroy Sanchez’s confidence. Both guys seem like decent dudes but the circus around them doesn’t make either guy look very good.

The speculation by analysts and pundits is the best. It’s non stop, the front page of the NFL website is a picture of Tebow with the question of will he get his chance and that’s from the site run by the league!

We also get Rex Ryan saying some dumb ass puffing out his chest nonsense as if he is some sage of football.

I am sure another tweet from a player further stirring the pot can’t be far off.

I literally can’t wait for the latest on the NFLs laughing stock.

I do hope Tebow gets in the game tonight and just lights it up and brings them a big win. Not because I want to see the jets turn it around but because it would cause utter insanity in Jets country. It will also give me another week of joy as the various experts all try and claim they knew all along Tebow was the right choice.

I have mentioned on here many times I am a Tebow fan. It has nothing to do with his religion or politics, or the hype around him, he just seems like a good dude. Talking about him also gives me an excuse to once again post one of my favorite cards.

No matter what happens it is sure to be glorious!



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