Drink from The Cup…

I finally have my first The Cup patch auto rookie!


My man Justin Faulk!

The Cup patch auto is the cadillac of rookie cards. It is without question top of the pile rookie card in any sport. I am a big fan of Dominion rookies but they have yet to reach The Cup levels.

It helps that the first year of The Cup happened to include the two best hockey rookies in like 20 years.

Faulk is my favorite hockey player. He helped bring my beloved Bulldogs their first National Hockey Championship, giving me my favorite sports fan moment of my life!

Faulk had a great rookie season. The ‘Canes had a rough go of things last season but with Justin on D and Skinner scoring goals they have a big upside.

The card itself is pretty sweet. I like the design more than other recent The Cup rookies. I like the surprised look on his face. The patch is pretty nice. It’s mainly black and white with a hint of red up top. I think it is part of his number of the back of his jersey.

Love it!



One response to “Drink from The Cup…

  1. I like the look of Cup this year, last years set looks awful. IMO

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