Next stop Japan…

Topps announced that 10% of the Bowman Sterling print run will be destined for Japan.

It’s no surprise that Japan has a pretty sizable appetite for trading cards. This past year Japan was the fourth highest in terms of hits to this blog, behind the US, Canada and England.

To my knowledge this is the first time a company has earmarked a certain percentage of a product for a specific foreign country.

Personally I find this very exciting. Any news about the growth of the hobby is good news in my book.



5 responses to “Next stop Japan…

  1. Japan is doing pretty well on the baseball card front. Tokyo’s metropolitan area has about a dozen card shops (depending on what you consider to be its metropolitan area). Most major cities have at least one card shop that I know about. And all those stores carry US baseball products in what seems to be as big a quantity as Japanese baseball products. It depends on the store – most of the Mint stores (a chain of card stores in Japan!) carry a good quantity of both leagues, but a different chain with locations in Yokohama and Shibuya (Tokyo) carries very little Japanese product comparatively.

    For higher-priced items like Sterling, it doesn’t surprise me that a notable percentage of the print run is sent to Japan. Taiwan also seems to be big on US products (and Taiwanese CPBL cards are almost impossible to find). There are plenty of people with money to burn, despite the economy, and it might be cheaper for Topps to allocate a certain percentage to the country and perhaps manufacture it over here (?). The high-priced products especially are what card store customers want to buy, judging from space on the shelves and discussions with shop owners. Interestingly, the prices on singles is all over the place, with some hits seeming really absurdly high and others appearing to be a good deal compared to US store prices.

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