Another closer look…

I was sorting some football and came across a card with a little something that caught my eye. No dog though.

Here it is.
One of UVas favorite sons, Chris Long.

Take a peak at his ink, there is a lot going on. Two elements caught my eye.
First is the very obvious “VIRGINIA”. Actually it looks like it says “Greetings from Virginia”.

Chris went to UVa and grew up in Va so it makes a lot of sense.

Right below the “Virginia” is the Rotunda at UVa. It;s hard to see but the white columns are pretty easy to pick it out. It’s the central building on campus, or as we call it Grounds, and the most recognized symbol of the school. Designed by Thomas Jefferson!

Most people wouldn’t notice or care but for a Hoo it is a pretty cool to see one of our treasured symbols on a football card, even if it is pretty small.



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