Who will it be…

Panini dropped a bomb…they are adding a new spokesmen to the NBA stable.

They haven’t said who but dropped this as a clue.

Before I get into my guesses on who it is I have to point out that I am a little sad for John Wall.

Wall was the 4th of the big four that Panini has been pushing the last few season.

Wall was on packaging, those bg posters at the National and had a video card.

There is no word that he is no longer a big piece of their marketing but he aint on that image.

My guess and hope is that it is Kevin Love.

K-Love is on the brink of super stardom so know would be the time to grab him. Also I have noticed an increase in his appearances in the various preview scans they have been dropping lately. This preview in particular caught my eye, even before the word on a new spokesman.
I looked at that and wondered if maybe K-Love was going to join the stable.

Now, all that said the silhouette of the player to be added doesn’t look like K-Love. The head isn’t fuzzy enough.

I don’t want to start any crazy rumors but that silhouette looks like MJ to me, just saying!



3 responses to “Who will it be…

  1. It is hard to say because they may be using a generic shadow but I am wondering if it is one of the rookies like Unibrow or Kidd-Gilchrist.

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