Damn, that’s a lot of scratch!

This Jordan PMG just sold for $27k
Man, that’s a ton of cash!

I am not going to judge and say it dumb to spend that much on a card, but I will point out basketball collectors are by far the craziest of our clan.

Another monster hit from Retro has also hit ebay.
I love this card. There is something really cool about Jambalaya cards. PMG are OK but these are bad-ass.

Normally I don’t pine over ultra high end stuff but I would love a Jordan Jambalaya. I would actually hold on to one if I ever hit one.

This card just hit $30k while I was typing this sentence. I wonder how high it will go.

These two sales should put to rest who is the king of cards. Sorry Mr. Mantle.



One response to “Damn, that’s a lot of scratch!

  1. I will judge, it’s dumb. However, at least the Jambalaya is autographed, which does lend it some actual intrinsic value. These are still insanely high amounts to be spending on any cards.

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