Old School baseball…

This post season has been one of the most exciting and tense I can ever remember. And I don’t even have a horse in the race.

With my wife and father being Yankees fans I always cheer for the boys in pinstripes, unless they are playing the Twins.

The series has had a decidedly old school feel, fitting since all of the 4 teams left are over 100 years old, and 3 of them have their origins in the 1800’s.

We have the Detroit Tigers
Founded in 1894, they have had the same uni’s for almost as long. Their uniforms are as classic and cool as the Yanks.

They only have 4 world series titles. They are not perennial winners. The team is probably most defined by their top player all time in Ty Cobb. The ways things are going Miguel and justin may challenge him for that title.


The Yankees
Founded in 1901 (but not moving to NY until 1903) they are the new kids on the block out of the four.

Hate them or love them they are the marque team in all of sports. They are in a word winners with 27 titles. In addition to rings they are defined by a seemingly unending parade of greats currently embodied by Jeter.


The Cardinals of St Louis
Founded in 1882 they are the oldest of the 4.

They have 11 titles, second most of the group and second only to the Yanks all time.

When I think of the Cardinals I think baseball. The city, team and many of their greats are true baseball people. They are as impressed by a sack bunt to move the runner to 2nd as they are a towering HR. This is embodied by their greatest player, Stan Musial. He didn’t have the flair of his east coast contemporaries but found himself in the top 5 all time when it was all said and done.


The San Francisco Giants
Founded in 1883 as the Gothems.

They have 6 titles, and an impressive 21 NL pennants.

I think they are most defined by their classic battles with fellow New York teams, the Dodgers and Yanks in the ’50s. That and for their greatest player, that you can pretty easily argue is also the greatest of any team, Willie Mays.

I don’t dislike new teams, I even cheer for one, but there is something about these classic old teams.

For the record I am picking the Giants versus Yankees in the series with the Yanks celebrating their 28th when it is all said and done.



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