What is he trying to say…

Later today my boys in purple take on the ‘skins.

I lived in DC for many years and it really helped me develop a very strong dislike for all things Redskins. The owner, the coaches, the fans, the local sports talk guys, everything.

On the topic of the boys from DC check this out.
A pretty cool looking card. I like the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

One thing about this has been bothering me though. What the hell is his inscription? I can make out the R at the end but the rest is a mystery.

Any thoughts?

Anyway, the Vikes are surging and the ‘skins are hurting so I am feeling pretty good about today.



3 responses to “What is he trying to say…

  1. Hail To The Redskins?

  2. Fishlegboots is correct, it is “Hail To The Redskins”

  3. Yeah, That is it, but man that last T sure looks like a 4.

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