Anyone that reads this site knows I am annoyingly optimistic. My glass is always half full.

It’s a rare occasion when I dislike something and even more so when I hate something. This is one of those rare times. Here is what pushed me over the edge.



How terrible is that card?

First off I am not a fan of any cut auto. It’s not that because they destroy the document of whatever, I just think they are overdone and silly.

There are examples of great cuts, like this one here, but most are ugly and dumb.

It looks like a couple of post-it-notes stuck on a custom some dude did at home. It may be the worst card I have ever seen.

I also hate this card because of the topic.

I may be in the minority but I don’t think Rose should be in the hall. He admits to breaking a rule that carried a lifetime ban. There is no room for discussion. He did the crime he does the time.

I honestly don’t know enough about Joe Jackson to have a strong opinion either way.



4 responses to “Yuck…

  1. That card looks like it came out of someones garage workshop. I’ll second the yuck.

  2. I saw the card on the Beckett Blog, so when I saw your post title, I had a feeling this would be it. Just plain terrible.

    @cynicallbuddha: If that came out of my garage workshop, I would light my garage on fire.

  3. I agree. If you were optimistic about this card, it would be annoying.

    Not crazy about the “Why the Hall Not” title either.

  4. I saw this on Beckett, this is just a awful cut signature card. I am also calling shenanigans on the Joe Jackson signature. When you see his signature from after he learned to sign his name you see that it appears almost child-like. Leaf used a real signature on the card they gave away at the 2011 National. This signature is smooth and flows, this is almost definitely an example of his wife signing for him. I am disappointed that PSA would green-light this one. What makes it sadder is that PSA authenticated one of his real signatures on a voucher last year. How did they get the one last year correct and this one wrong? Oh wait, they got paid to authenticate a big name thus getting them more free advertisement thats right.

    Between Beckett and PSA the autograph authentication process has turned in to a big joke, if they get paid enough they are willing to “OK” anything. How long before we start seeing Joe Jackson authenticated autographs signed in Sharpie and paint pen?

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