The Birdman…

I may be a Steelers fan but I can recognize greatness when I see it.


Ray Lewis is an animal! He is one of the most feared defenders EVER.

I can try and mock out his bird dance as he enter the stadium, but in all honesty it’s pretty bad-ass.

He tore a muscle in his arm and is out for the season. There is much debate on whether or not he will return, ultimately that is up to him but even if he never plays again he is a sure fire hall of famer with nothing left to prove. He has his ring, he has 13 Pro Bowls, he has his 7 All Pro first teams, he has his 3 Defensive Player of the year awards, it goes on and on.

He also seemed like a guy that was positive influence on his teammates and the game. Sure there was the stabbing thing a few years back, but he seemed to rise above it versus letting it pull him down.

ON cardbaord he has a ton of cards but was never the force he probably should have been. His cards sell well enough for a defensive player.

He has a number of nice rookies
You can get them for a relative steal so I would recommend grabbing one if you don’t already.

He also has a ton of jersey cards.
Also a steal considering he is one of the greatest all time.

His autos are pretty rare for a modern player and sell very well.
This card belongs to Beardy and is a beauty!

I hope he makes it back. The league won’t be the same with out him.

When he is done I am sure s network will scoop him up to do pre-game. He has way to much charisma to not have him on TV.


3 responses to “The Birdman…

  1. Ray Lewis – please come back!

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