I kinda want this…

I will say it, jersey cards are kinda overdone these days.

That said I have been around long enough to remember when they would stop you in your tracks with amazement.

When you think back to those days, those magical days in the late ’90s, one card comes to mind.
Man, what a great card.

To the unitiated it may just look like any other single color jersy card, but this is THE single color jersey card.

It took the cardboard world by storm when it hit back in the day, and is still a bit of a show stopper. It will still cost you a couple Benjamin’s on ebay.

It’s a great example of the importance and influence of context. The design of this card is just OK. It’s context within the hobby paints it in a much more positive light. If someone on the street asked me one of the best looking jersey cards I would probably mention this set.

Griffey wasn’t the only guy in the set. He had two friends, Rey Ordonez and this guy.
Gwynn is one of the greatest hitters of all time, easily in the same realm as Griffey but his card sells for a fraction of the cost.

I got a lot of stuff ahead of these cards on my want list but someday they will be mine.



3 responses to “I kinda want this…

  1. That would be a pretty damn cool card to own…

  2. The other big card from around then would be that Mantle Griffey dual auto

  3. Back in 1997 I made a stop at my local shop and had the opportunity to pull the Tony Gywnn and yeah it was a big deal. The odds were 1:2500 packs so being that I pulled it it was awesome. But the Griffey is the best, I believe there is a 5 x 7 card too, but I have never come across it.

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