What happened…

Not that long ago, before Mike Trout was the darling of the cardboard world, we had this guy.
He was the biggest thing going in the hobby.

He was tearing it up on the field and at the plate. He was the youngest to 500, and then passed 600! He won 3 MVP awards!
There was no doubt he was it.

His SP rookie…
…was a rocket, it blew through $100 and seemed to have almost no limit. It was a can’t miss investment.

Then it all changed.

The first piece of his fall was this.

I don’t think ARod has ever figured out how to do it under pressure. Even though he found success a few seasons in NY it was fleeting. He has also never been able to make it happen in the post season. The guy next to him on that card up there is the polar opposite. Jeter thrives in the pressure of NY. The post season is when he shines brightest.

I think having to stand next to Jeter is a big part of ARod’s problem. I don’t think he can deal with being #2. The Yankees are clearly Jeter’s team. It’s his city, they are his fans and he owns it all. Arod will always be an afterthought and his ego can’t take it.

I have no ill will for ARod. I hope he keeps jacking homeruns and gets the record. He just needs to get out of NYC.

I don’t know where he can go though. Only a few teams can afford him. Boston is out of the question, he is far to hated by their fans and the last thing that clubhouse needs it more drama. The Dodgers have spent way too much already. Maybe Texas can clear out Hamilton and bring him back? The returning hero may be a role he can deal with.

He needs to do something because it aint working.

His once dominant SP rookie can be found for around $40 on ebay. Personally I think it’s a steal. He is more than capable of a turn around and if nothing else it will see a jump when he nears 700hrs.



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