He’s at it again!

My favorite coach in the NFL is up to his old tricks, and by tricks I mean insanity.
Old Rexy and his boys win one game and start talkin’ smack!

Now Rex is talking about having Tebow suit up as a running back versus the Pats.
I don’t doubt he could tear it up and I would love to see it. It would be the greatest show on earth!

You know if Rex has pretty boy Tebow try to pound it Billy Boy will have his D stomp a mud-hole in his you know what.

I can’t imagine we will see Tebow line up behind Sanchez. Maybe as a TE but not a RB.

No matter what Rexy will keep saying crazy $#@* and I will keep loving it!



One response to “He’s at it again!

  1. I still think Tebow would be a dominant coming out of the backfield, much like how the Pats used Hernandez last year against Denver in the playoffs. He’s still a terrible QB but too punishing a runner not to be used as a quasi-fullback.

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