I love SPs…

I think one of the best card inovations of the last few years has been Topps inclusion of SP parallels in their base set.

It started with retired players a few years ago.
I loved these cards.

This Strawman card was my favorite card of 2011.

We also got pie in the face cards, celebration cards and they some candid shots. One of my favorites is this one.
I know a certain blogger named Greg that will agree with me.

I hope Topps continues this, it’s a lot of fun.



5 responses to “I love SPs…

  1. I do indeed agree! That’s one of my favorite Bison cards, and certainly my favorite non-hit card of just Matty.

  2. Not me I hate it. They shouldn’t mess with the base set. At least they didn’t pull an 06 again. (yet)

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