A closer look…Panini edition…

Panini posted a mess of preview images for their upcoming Gridiron Football.

The cards look cool and have some really great photos. So great that I have pulled a few over for the next round of a closer look.

We start off with a great shot of Percy scoring a TD. In the background are a mess of fans and sidelines folks cheering, including one very Minnesota gal.
I give her bonus points for two things:
-The rolled up jeans and white tenis shoes
-The great hairdo, hair that can best be described as iron-ranger hair.

This is good natured jest as I am sure she is a very nice lady.

Now we take a step one state east
We have jennings celebrating with a lambeau leap. The fans cheering their hero, heaping praise upon him, except for one girl.
She could clearly care less about Greg, she just wants that ball!

This next card is a real mystery
At first glane it looks like DeAngelo slipped a tackle. But look a little closer.
The defender has a piece of him.

But when we pull back the mystery is revealed.
What the hell is that he is pulling? Is it an undershirt? Some kind of strap?


Here is the final card.
This card really shows the camaraderie of players.

The defender is nice enough to give MJD a shoulder rub as he tackles him. Very sweet.

These are some great photos, jump over to Panini’s blog and take a peak.



2 responses to “A closer look…Panini edition…

  1. Must pick up that DeAngelo Williams card!

  2. Really nice photos and design. I’ll have to pick up some packs. The Jennings card is really cool.

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