Larry Legend version 2.0…

My boys the Vikes are facing of against the Cardinals.

The Cardinals posses one of the greatest weapons in modern football…
…Mr. Larry Fitzgerald.

I am going to go out on a limb and say Larry Fitz is the greatest player in the league without a ring.

He is easily the top receiver in the game and will most likely end up as one of the top all time. Hopefully he eventually gets a ring to put a nice little bow on his HOF career.

Larry is somewhat underrated as a player and on cardboard. I only say that because even though he is a legit star in both playing in Arizona keeps him from huge breakthrough fame.

He has some really nice cards including one of the most valuable and sought after rookies of the last 20 or so years.
His Contenders rookie was a super SP, I believe they only made 50. It sells for over a G when one does surface, almost twice as much as the Eli and Ben from the same set.

His SPA patch auto rookie also sells very well, around $500. Top tier to be sure.

If you are in the market for one of his rookies but don’t have a few bennys laying around I would suggest his Absolute duel mem rookie.
A nice looking card. You can find them under $20 on ebay.

I am a fan of this card.
It is an insert so not an RC but still very cool looking. I like the big logo in the background.

My personal best Larry Fitz RC is probably this guy.
I like the green parallels from this set best. I am not a huge fan of the picture though. He looks mad and Larry seems like a pretty upbeat dude.

His upbeat attitude is part of the reason I am such a big fan. The other reasons are his roots. Larry is from Mpls, the same place I grew up. In fact he went to the same high school (Holy Angels in Richfield Mn) as my best friend Joe. Larry also attended Pitt. Being a guy with connection to Mpls and the ‘burgh it makes sense I would root for a dude with connections to Mpls and the ‘burgh.

Larry makes catching a pass seem effortless. This is illustrated on one of my favorite cards of his.
Even the defender seems awe-struck.

I highly recommend picking up some Larry Fitz cards. Here is a nice one you can grab for a few bucks.
I love the design, the 007 feels works with the theme. The theme is also perfect for Larry.

I hope he has a good day, but not too good a day.

Fun fact. Larry was once a ball boy for the Vikes.



2 responses to “Larry Legend version 2.0…

  1. I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’ll respond with an “Um…what about Calvin Johnson?” comment. Fitzgerald is a great receiver, though, obviously. But gimme Megatron any day.

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