A delicious set idea…

I love collecting card and I love drinking beer. I often combine the two by enjoying a nice cold one while sitting on my porch and typing up a post.

It got me thinking, how about a nice set show casing some of the fine beers out there. I envision as an Allen and Ginter, old school type set, simple and classic. No chrome or embossing or anything. I would focus on microbrew/craft beer and regional beers. Not so much Miller, Bud or Coors.

Here are a few of my favorites I would showcase.

One of my favorite. Crisp and refreshing. Brooklyn has become one of the big dogs and has been around since the early days of micro-brewing.

Widmer Brothers is another bigger microbrewer that has some great beer. Drifter is my favorite summer beer.

This is a throwback to my college years. Not a craft beer by any sense but I still love it.

I am not typically a fan of flavored beer but this one is an exception. I have not been able to find this since leaving Minny.

Speaking of Minny beers
So cheap and so good.

Grainbelt is simple and clean, Schmaltz is complex and tasty. This beer has a special place in my life. It’s the beer I had with my friend Hans the last time I ever saw him.

This may be my favorite beer overall. Very tasty! If you haven’t tried it do yourself a favor and pick up a six pack.

I first tried this beer in grad school in NY. When I moved down to VA I searched high and low but couldn’t find it. Luckily Wegmans has started recently carrying it!

This brings me to my idea for SP parallel for the set.
You could have short printed cards featuring the beers in cans or other various containers. Such as…



I think it could be cool.

You could have relic cards featuring labels in the card relic style. I would also have redemptions in packs you could send in for pilsner and pint glasses of the various beers!

I would buy box.



3 responses to “A delicious set idea…

  1. I know Coors and Anheiser Busch have both done sets in the past. But…I think you are onto something here with this idea. Im in for a couple growlers, I mean boxes.

  2. I would love this as an insert in Ginter or something, but (and not to be a negative Nelly) there are a lot of hurdles to climb – agreement from the beer companies and just the fact that Topps probably doesn’t want alcohol associated with it’s product for PC reasons…

  3. Ahhh, Schmaltz’s Alt. Love Schells Brewery. They have a new tap room and museum now. Just down the road from me about 30 min. Great stuff.

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