Am I crazy…

I just bought this card on ebay
Here is my thinking…

ARod is pretty close to rock bottom. He was a no-show in the playoffs, as was the rest of the Yanks but whatever, he was benched for a scrub 3rd baseman and the talk of baseball is how the Yanks can get rid of him. The word on the street is he is worth maybe 5 mill tops at this point, a ton of money to be sure, but still a far cry from where he was.

I still think he has something left in the tank and a change of scenery will do him good. He needs a smaller market team where he is the clear #1 guy.

I still say he will hit 700 dingers and will make his way to the HOF.

His ’94 SP will rebound. I paid less than $30, and I think that is a steal. It could easily be double that mid season next year if he is playing well.

So, am I crazy?



3 responses to “Am I crazy…

  1. Yes you are. But not for buying that specific card. All card collectors are naturally crazy.

  2. It will be surprising where he ends up next year, maybe Seattle just to finish out his career where it all started, they have nothing to lose. A-Rod is always going to be a superstar in collectors eyes, but he’s not clutch, and that cloud is always going to hang over his head.

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