Been there done that…

Topps goes back to the retro well once again, but this time it works.

On the twitter they dropped scans of the upcoming Topps Archives football.
Similar to baseball the set features current dudes on older designs. What I like here is that it isn’t heritage old it’s ’80s old, the sets me and my peers remember form our youth.

I love the 1985 design, it was ahead of its time. I am glad to see it used here.

Base sets are fine and good but let’s be honest it’s all about hits and inserts.
These are so gloriously retro. These more than anything else I have seen bring me back. If AP and Percy Harvin have these they will be mine!

Topps also showed some autos.
Nice use of the a989 design and great through back to Icky Woods. I am going to take a minute and step outside and do the Icky-Shuffle, brb…

to the right
to the left
spike it


The real show stopper is this little guy.
Very retro.

I love the 1988 design, it is one of my favorites alll time. I hope it’s part of the basse set as well.

I likes what I see.

I am sure I will pick up a box.



One response to “Been there done that…

  1. I agree. I’ll have to get a box or two of that stuff. That Victor Cruz card is money. Or at least it looks like money.

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