Oh Deer…

I was looking through my “1980s and earlier” Binder and came across this sweetness.
I remember when I first pulled this card from a pack and put it in a binder page.

At the time Robby boy was tearing it up on his was 28 homeruns and a league leading 186 strike outs!

Rob Deer swung a big stick in the days that 30 homeruns was HUGE. Problem is he didn’t have the best eye and tended to strike out all the time. He was the epitome of the free swinging power hitter. Over his career he struck out just about once every three plate appearances. That’s kinda awesome.

I always held this card tight as a kid, confident Rob was on the cusp of breaking out and becoming a monster star. At the time i didn’t really get the fact it took more than a lot of homeruns to be a super star.

I still really like the card.



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