Mr. October, Panda style…

Man, who saw that coming. Big Panda went nuts and crushed three dingers in game one!

Pablo stepped up and said “Reggie who?”

Pablo hit the scene big time a few years ago and then kinda chilled a little. Card wise he is middle of the road and rookie wise he is pretty thin, just two.

This guy
His best

And this guy
My favorite

He looks a little too skinny in his Bowman Chrome card.

Now if you have a few extra rookies in your binder it might not be a bad idea to do a quick one day auction or BIN on ebay right now.

I have the Giants taking it. I would have said 5-6 games. But after tonight, an absolute ass kicking, of Verlander none the less, I am thinking sweep! I mean they picked up 5 earned runs off of the ace, that’s more than he gave up the entire regular season! Not really, but you know what I mean.



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