My thoughts on RGIII…and my 1000th post…

I was watching the Giants Skins game this past Sunday and something really hit me in the face, and that is many folks have it all wrong about RG III.


The announcers were all about his crazy scrambling skills, they praised him for turning what should have been a loss of yards into a first down, etc… the fact is he shouldn’t have to run around. He only had to do so beacuse the Giants were in his face! You can only get so far on the legs of your QB. It’s the arm of your QB that gets you to the promise land.

If your QB has to run around like a maniac you have big problems. Eventually someone is going to get a hold of the poor kid and plant him, then where will the Skins be?

The announcers were so busy drooling over RG part 3 that they were blind to the fact that what he was doing wasn’t a good thing, it was a necessity based on shortcomings of the rest fo the team and the system.

Nothing against Young Robert, I am a big fan of the guy, this is about the Skins and the sports media.

–Wordpress just let me know this is my 1000th post, kinda cool–



3 responses to “My thoughts on RGIII…and my 1000th post…

  1. I agree with you. He’s very good at making up for the shortcomings of his O-Line. He’s a very accurate passer when he’s not under pressure from what I’ve seen. Its nice that he can run the crap out of the ball when he needs to, though! He did get knocked out of the game against the Buccaneers, and the rest of the game was a disaster on offense!

  2. Congrats and a tip of the hat on the big 1,000!!!

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