Great cards and a great cause…

Panini just dropped some scans of a sepcial Breast Cancer Awareness set they developed.
The set is made using balls from three different games last year.

It is worthy of note that from reading the blog it seems Scott Prusha, one of the masterminds behind their blog, had a big hand in developing the set and from what we can see he did a solid job.

This set hits on three big areas.

First of is the subject.

Any guy with a mother, sister, wife or daughter should care greatly about breast cancer research. Also keep in mind men aren’t immune either. The NFL has stepped up big time to raise awareness and Panini is right there with them with this set. I like how they have incorporated the ever-present pink without it being over whelming. It keeps its football masculinity.

That brings us to the second area it hits, its design.


It’s a nice solid relic card design, a nice big picture, a landscape format, my favorite for a relic, and a simple layout that lets the relic take center stage. Very classic looking.

The third area is the relic it’s self.

One complaint we hear all the time is you don’t know what game a jersey, bat, all, etc… is from. In this case you know the exact game. You also get a picture of the uncut ball on the back.
Big props to Panini on this one.

Here are a few more scans of a few of the more ridiculous ball pieces.



Oh yeah, they also have auto version.

No details yet on how to obtain these guys, so stay tuned.



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