What about the D…

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

I know you love QBs, they are the face of your league. They are the most visible and marketable guys on the field. Some may even say they are the most important, those people don’t really know football but whatever.

Even though the Brady’s and Breeseses of the world are clearly your BFFs lets not forget about the other guys. I am talking about the defensive players. Those are the guys you fine all the time for doing what the owners that pay your salary pay them to do.

Ya see I know you hate the idea of a QB getting hurt; it’s the stuff that keeps you up at night. But those mean defensive players have the same right to go home injury free as any other player.

Let me offer an example of the obvious bias against defensive players.

Tonight in the game against the Vikings and Tampa Bay Jarred Allen was blocked by #70 on Tampa. He knocked Allen down and continued to push him while on the ground, even kneeing Allen in the chest. As Allen got up they pushed back and forth, as is to be expected, and Allen’s helmet came off. A situation that can be very dangerous. #70 continued to push and even caught Allen in the chin a few times, keep in mind Allen, the naughty defensive player, was helmet-less. Allen grabbed #70 by the facemask to hold him away so he would stop hitting him in the face.

Anyone watching could see Allen was just trying to keep himself from getting hit. He simply held his arm extended to keep #70 away.

The ref called offsetting penalties.


If Jarred Allen had tripped and brushed against the QB after he threw the ball it would have been a flag and probably a fine.

This situation was not incidental. The Tampa player had to see Allen’s helmet was off and still went after him. And this is after he clearly kneed him in the gut. Yet somehow Jarred Allen was as much at fault?

If player safety is going to be a concern of you reign, and it should, it needs to be all players’ safety. Even the mean and nasty defensive players.

Yours Truly,



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