Panic button…

So the Vikes got the ever loving dog $#!* kicked out of them Thursday night.

A big part of the problem is the total lack of confidence of Ponder. He is a wreck back there.

I say we hit the panic button and bring back the only great QB the Vikes ever had.


He has something few other guys in Purple ever had, a ring.



3 responses to “Panic button…

  1. “and bring back the only great QB the Vikes ever had.”

    Fran Tarkenton, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham (albeit for just one season), Daunte Culpepper, and 2009 Brett Favre all respectfully disagree. Johnson was never that great in Minnesota, and Cunningham was the guy chiefly responsible for the 1998 season you guys remember so fondly.

    • Sure those guys were OK, but only Favre has a ring out of the group. Plus I am kidding, for a time it seemed no matter what happened the Vikes went back to Johnson.

      • Haha I gotcha. I just read your post and was like “Wait a second, wasn’t Tarkenton a Hall of Famer?”

        Also I have beef with Johnson. I was a big Shaun King fan and he had a fine season the year before the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl. But then they went out and replaced him and Brad Johnson won that Super Bowl with King on the sidelines. With that defense I think King could have won it as well and I wish he had had a shot.

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