It’s all about the millibars…

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been busy watching hurricane updates.

Sandy hit north of us, we have some heavy weather but nothing compared to what folks from DC on north are experiencing. I hope everyone in the path of the storm are safe.

Seeing as it’s all about the hurricane, or as i just saw it is now being called a post tropical storm cyclone, here is an assortment of cards of my favorite Hurricane, Justin Faulk.




My wife and I have been trying to figure something out about the storm coverage. We keep hearing that this storm is causing the lowest pressure, like 500 millibars or something, in history. It sounds impressive but we have no idea what that means? Is that bad?

Again I hope everyone is safe. Do your best to keep your head down and your powder dry.



One response to “It’s all about the millibars…

  1. It’s bad, it’s generally considered that the lower the pressure, the more severe the storm. This would also affect the surge for the ocean. i’ve heard that in new jersey, today’s low tide was as high as a normal high tide…..

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