My other passion…

I love collecting cards. I run my little site, write my little posts, it’s what I do for fun.

I also like to do something else for fun. Carve pumpkins!

It started a few years back when they held a carving contest at the University I was working at. I took 1st in 2 different catagories and 2nd in another. Two of those pumpkins even found their way to

This guy

and this guy

At the time i was far more into the concept than the actual carving.

I did a few more years and a few more contests. I would say all toll I picked up maybe $200 in prizes. Plus a box of adult novelties. But that is a story for another time

recently i have focused on traditional jack-o-lanterns with the kids. I figured my competitive pumpkin carving days were behind me.

Then a few weeks ago a buddy of mine at UVa told me he was holding a pumpkin carving contest. I mentioned my former exploits and he said I should enter. I wasn’t sure. Then he told me the top prize was an iPad. I was in.

I submitted my entry today and here it is.


from a slightly different angle.

Happy Halloween!!!



4 responses to “My other passion…

  1. haha awesome!

  2. DUDE…..that is freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

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