Big mistake…

After the first few days of the NBA season I have a prediction…

…OKC is going to really regret letting Jame Harden go.

I know they have two legit superstars in Kevin-D and Westbrook, but why settle for two when you can have three! The team you had got you within a few games of title!

Unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension they shipped him off to Houston. There he joins Jeremy Lin.
Right now there is lots of hype about the Heat, Lakers and Brooklyn. I think think the team to watch is the Rockets.

Harden is on the cusp of becoming a superstar. So far he has scored 37 and 45 points. He is a young and really hungry player with tons of tallent. In Houston he is far from the spotlight so he can take time finding his way, not that he’ll need it. If I had a handfull of paypal cash laying around I may try and pick up a Harden auto rookie. They aint cheap, but I have a feeling what you wil pay now will feel like a steal compared to what one will cost you mid season when he is averaging 24 ppg.

Lets also not forget his back court partner down in Houston. One Mister Lin-sanity.
Granted Lin-sanity kinda died last year, but the kid still has some skills.

In NYC Lin and Melo couldn’t figure ut how to make it work. From what we could see Melo didn’t like someone else taking his spotlight. that combined with the bright lights and huge expectations and hype of the big Apple crushed him. As I said above Houston is pretty far from the spotlight so that won’t be a concern. Second, Harden is a guy that has thus far made career of being a team player, a guy that came off the bench his first few season. He and Lin should not have any ego battles.

I think ‘Lin to Harden” is something we will get used to hearing on Sports Center.

Houston should be a team that surprises a lot of people. Granted guys like Parsons and Patterson are gonna have to step up, Harden can’t bring 45 every game.

With Love out for a while Lin and Harden in Houston are going to be my go to box score check for a while.



One response to “Big mistake…

  1. I get why they let Harden go – and their management philosophy has been successful thus far. They can’t just spend on everything they want, and this probably makes them more successful 4 years from now. Problem is a) it might come at the cost of a title chance this year, and b) I’d still rather have Harden than Westbrook.

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