Yes and no…

Recently I have two new obsessions, minor obsessions but obsessions none the less.

The new Star Wars movies and the new Star Wars set from Topps. Why not combine them into a new game called yes and no. I pressent characters from the movies and expanded universe and give you a yes or no if they should be included in the new movies, Fun right!

This guys RULES!

Lets run down the list:
-He has a cool space suits
-He has a great haido, look at those killer sideburns.
-I remember seeing her refereed to as a “spacer” at some point and hat is a pretty cool title.
-In A New Hope he can be seen drinking with Chewbacca, if that aint baller I don’t know what is!

I am not saying he should be center stage but I hope he at least gets a walk on.

I hate this character and I am not sure why. I think because she got so popular so fast when Episode one came out and it bothered me. I also don’t like the antena coming out of her head.

From time to time she pops up on those lists of characters that should have a figure or whatever so I am a little nervous she may find her way into the new movies. I sure hope not.



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