Well duh…

In one of the most anticlimactic announcements in recent memory Mike Trout was named AL ROY.
I mean come on; there are people out there that say he should get the AL MVP over a dude that won the Triple Crown! Was there any doubt he would take the ROY?

The dude has some serious chops. He rules at the plate and tears it up in the field. Something we like to call the total package.

Lets hope he is more Jeter and less Listach in the years to come. Not that Listach hasn’t had a nice life.

Card wise I think we are still in sell territory. His cards are just too high. Problem is if you are looking to buy you may be paying premium for a long long time. If you are in the market for a Trout rookie I would look at his 2010 Bowman Platinum cards. Maybe a nice color refractor version.

NL was a little more of a battle, apparently.

Personally I thought this guy had it from day one.
Bryce is a beast and was a key piece of the Nats success. He was a little streaky but showed signs of greatness.

Card wise I would say sell as well. Hold is also not a bad move. You will see a bit of a jump so you can get a little extra on ebay if ya have a few lying around.

Keep in mind this advice is just for fun as I don’t think of cards as investment.
This may be the best ROY class card wise I can remember. These are hands down the two biggest guys on cardboard right now. Normally you have one big guy and a nice solid dude, but two super stars, so exciting!

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, too bad none of the Twins have a shot at anything. Personally I am most excited to see who takes the NL MVP.

My money is on Buster.



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