Best of the best…

I was going through some cards, looking for some stuff to put up on ebay to make a little extra X-mas money and I picked up my stack of older graded HOFer rookies.

I had them laid out on the counter, just admiring them and decided to take a few picture to throw up on the old blog.

This chunk is my favorite.

Roberto, Harmon and Lefty are my three favorite cards in that order.

The Maz rookie may not be the top dog of the crew but it is a really nice looking card. I really need to get a Brooks Robinson to go with my Frank. It doesn’t feel right having one Robinson without the other.

I really love the Bench rookie. As a kid he was the end all be all of catchers in my mind and his backwards hat is just too cool. Grade wise it is the best of the collection.

The Sweetness is a recent addition and I love it! It really is one of THE top football rookies all time.

I really want to get a Dr. J and Moses Malone graded rookies to add to my collection. Older b-ball rookies are kind of a steal these days.

On the want list for the next few months are:
PSA 2-4 Nolan Ryan Rookie
PSA 3-6 Reggie Jackson Rookie
PSA 5-7 Moses Malone Rookie
PSA 4-6 Yaz Rookie

If I come across some major bank a Tom Seaver rookie will also make the list.



One response to “Best of the best…

  1. Nice group of cards. I agree with you on the Bench. It’s always been one of my favorites. I have one in just ok condition from a pack I got in 1968.

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