It was real…

The Babe Ruth signed ball that my parents neighbors have is on the auction block!

At first we weren;t sure if it was real.

Then I got to see it in person and saw what looked to me to be a legit autograph of the Babe.

Turns out I was right. Hunt Auctions authenticated it and put it up for auction. Turns out it also had signatures of a mess of his teammates including Lou Gehrig. You can see Lou in the top photo below.


Here is the final listing.

Now I have never used Hunt auctions before so I am not sure if it sold because it says “closed” and not “sold”. I will be at my folks over the weekend so I will ask their neighbors and see whats what.

I am just excited that I got to hold a legit Babe Ruth ball. Well actually a Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Bill Dickey ball!



3 responses to “It was real…

  1. judging by the price I’d guess it sold, as it’s a weird number. unless there was a reserve of some sort….

  2. Seems like a bargain price considering what some people are paying for signed cards of young phenoms these days.

  3. That is very cool, it is a once in a lifetime chance. I agree with Hackenbush, that is an amazing bargin for a ball like that, I have seen Ruth single signed baseballs go for $5,000-15,000 depending on condition. Especially considering what they got here, 6 Hall of Famers (including 4 players from the 1927 Murder’s Row lineup), someone got a wonderful trophy to display.

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